HVAC Consultancy

HVAC System (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioner)

a. Central Air Conditioning

b. VRF (Variable Refrigeration Flow)

c. Cassette, Split Type & Precision AC

d. FCU and AHU System

e. Heating & Ventilation System
f. Exhaust System

Cold Chain Management System

a. Cold Storage

b. PU (Polyurethane Sandwich Panel)

c. Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration System (-30°c to -40°c)

d. Chiller Room (0°c to +4°c)
e. Freezer Room (-18°c to -25°c)

Cold Storage

Chiller room 0°c to +4°c
Frezer room -18°c to -20°c

Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

Temperature -25°c to -40°c

PU (Polyurethane Sandwich Panels)

Sandwich Panels 2” to 8”